@ The Musco and Chapman University College of Performing Arts. Touch | Screen. Online on Zoom. One part brunch party + one part interactive performance. A project of Good Trouble Makers. Directed by Kai Hazelwood. Sun., Feb 14, 1pm PT. Registration required.

Musco Center & the College of Performing Arts present:

Touch | Screen
One Part Brunch Party + One Part Interactive Performance

 ONLINE  Sunday, February 14, 2021

1 P.M. PT Performance | ZOOM | Registration Required – Limited Capacity – One Registration Per Household

>>> The first 200 people to register will have access to both the cooking class and the performance. If only interested in viewing the performance, register for the "Performance Only" event.

>>> For the grocery list, click here.

This event will have live ASL and live captioning provided.

A project of Good Trouble Makers

Directed by Kai Hazelwood (she/her)
Choreographed and Performed by Kai Hazelwood and Kristy Kennedy (she/they)
Written by Sara Ciston (she/they)
Voice Over by Karine Fleurima (she/her)
Sound and video editing by Alexander Millar (he/they)
Cooking demonstration by Chef Kat (they/them)
Good Trouble Makers Performer: Breana Connor (they/them)
Chapman University Dance Major Performer: Zanzi Obegi (she/her)

One part brunch party and one part interactive performance, Touch | Screen brings warmth and intimacy to the digital space for a 21st century, pandemic-style Valentine’s date. No date required! 

In Act I , Chef Kat begins the event with an interactive cooking demonstration, so you can prepare the perfect Valentine's feast right alongside them. While your dish cooks enjoy a performance from Good Trouble Makers. The Act II performance is a multidisciplinary queer love story utilizing text, voiceover, music, and dance to explore how we build intimacy in the digital space: Here a way of touching. From a distance, with no one. The performance ends just as your cooking timer goes off and then it’s time to eat! Stay with us for Act III, a virtual brunch party with prompts and participation from the artists.

Touch | Screen was developed through a virtual residency from Pieter Performance Space, made possible in part by a grant from the City of Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs.


Born and raised in Kingston, Kat spent over a decade as a professional musician and songwriter, working with the likes of Jeremy Harding, Diana King, Jovi Rockwell, and Damon Dash. After migrating to the US, they pursued the culinary arts, and became the Chef Owner of a catering and events company called Noisy Library, which focuses on providing Jamaican inspired dishes to the LGBTQIA community of Los Angeles, California. Kat identifies as a Trans Non Binary person, and they use the pronouns they, them, their. 

Good Trouble Makers is the first artist collaborative in the world centering plural-sexual (bi, pan, fluid, queer) artists. We are artist-agitators based in Los Angeles California and working internationally. Inspired by the words of John Lewis, we are committed to making; making art, making room, making change, making good trouble.

We create original multidisciplinary artistic works that are rooted in movement, but defy genre. 
We produce events that celebrate artists from historically marginalized communities and utilize joyful celebration as a liberation tactic. 
We facilitate knowledge sharing workshops that prioritize experimentation and where our creative relationships to other bodies is democratized rather than top town models of education. 
We are focused on healing while dismantling, using art to re-imagine, and remaking with joy because, to put it bluntly: it’s not about a seat at the table, fuck the table, let’s dance on it, to music of our own making, and use its materials to create something better; something that leaves no one behind, and is all our own.




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